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    1. Alex says:

      Hello, i trying to learn Japaness, i have read some books and visit some webs, and yours is very interesting, i made a copuple of kanjis, but im not certain is correct, can you helpme???
      This one is Black (Kur0) Arehandoro Black i guees

      And this is Protec (hogo) wich is the meaning of the name Alejandro (Arehandoro), and it reads someting like Arehandoro is protec???

    2. Alex says:

      Sorry, here is the second image, thanks

    3. admin says:

      Hi, Alex.

      This is Japanese Kanji
      Thanks for comment.
      I saw your Kanjis. You have good name.

      Protect is Hogo in Japanese, but there are some words which is similar to Hogo.

      1. Hogo
      Examples commonly used…
      People protect youth or animal, nature, and so on.

      2. Shugo
      Examples commonly used…
      A patron saint, guardian and other force protect people.

      3. Higo
      Examples commonly used…
      People protect youth or animal, nature, and so on.
      In modern times it is not used on a daily basis.

      Hogo is commonly.
      Shugo is mythic. If you want to use as patron saint, Shugo is best.
      Higo is legal. In the Japanese page of Alexandros (Alejandro) on Wikipedia, Higo is used.

      And, If you want to mean “Protector”, you add “Sha”.
      Sha is person in English.

      Hogo > Hogosha
      Shugo > Shugosha
      Higo > Higosha

      But, Hogosha is commonly used as parents or family.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    4. Yoashia says:

      Could You write “Suzumebachi” for me? That’ s a Zampakutou which belongs to Capitan Soi Fon in Bleach.

      Thank You 🙂

      1. admin says:

        Hi, Yoashia! Thanks for request. “Suzumebachi” is cool! I’ll write this one.

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