“Yuri” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Lily

yuriI wrote “Yuri“. It means Lily in English.

  1. “Hyaku” means Hundred
  2. “Gou” means Fit, Suit or Join

It’s special kanji readings.

Yuri is one of the July birth flowers. Flower language, “Majesty”, “purity”, “innocence”, and so on.

Japanese comics and novels have the genre called “Yuri“. This genre is writing a thing about the love between women.

What is your favorite flower? Please let me know your favorite flower.


  1. Phyllis Stone より:

    thank you ! I am an artist and have finished a large painting of a lily. Does the word lily require both symbols as illlustrated, or only one of them?

  2. admin より:

    Hi, Phyllis Stone. The word lily require both symbols.
    I want to see your paiting of a lily!! Thanks for comment.