“Nouka” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Farmer

I wrote ‘Nouka’. It means Farmer in English. ‘Nou’ means Farm or Agriculture ‘Ka’ means House, One’s home, Family or Household ‘Nouka’ is used for personal farmer or farm family. The food self-sufficiency rate of Japan is low. We eat a lot of importation food from abroad without rice. The population of  farmers is about 3% of the population of Japan …

“Utsukushii Hitobito” and “Serebu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Beautiful People

I wrote “Utsukushii Hitobito” and “Serebu”. “Utsukushii Hitobito” means “Beautiful People”, and “Serebu” means “Wealthy Socialite” and “Celebrity” in English. First Photo ( Utsukushii Hitobito ) “Utsuku” means Beautiful or Noble “shi” is Hiragana “i” is Hiragana “Hito” means People or Person “Bito” is repetition of kanji Second Photo ( Serebu ) “Se” is Katakana “Re” is Katakana “Bu” is Katakana “Utsukushii Hitobito” is literal translation …

“Taichou” – Japanese Kanji for Captain, Leader or Commander

I wrote “Taichou“. It means Captain, Leader or Commander in English. “Tai” means Regiment, Party, Company or Squad “Chou” means Head, Chief , Leader or Long. When showing a leader, “Chou” is often used. The leader of the party (mainly, military) is “Taichou”. If someone is the leader of the ship, he is called “Senchou”. What is the kanji …

“Chichi” – Japanese Kanji for Father

I wrote “Chichi”. It’s Japanese kanji as Father. “Chichi” means Father In Japan, Father’s Day is Third Sunday of June. We usually give my father rose on Father’s Day. What is your favorite word about family? I’m waiting for a request.

Hito – Japanese Kanji for Human Being

I wrote “Hito “. It means “Human Being” in English. “Hito” means Human Being, People, Person, and so on. In Japan, there is a famous TV drama called “Kinpachi-sensei”. Kinpachi-sensei has many wise sayings. He said a wise sayings about Kanji as “Hito” the following. Kanji as “Hito” is formed out of that a person and a person …

“Kyouju” and “Seito” – Japanese Kanji for Professor and Student

I wrote “Kyouju“ and “Seito“. “Kyouju” means Professor or Instruction, and “Seito” means Student. “Kyouju” (first photo) “Kyou” means Teach or Faith “Ju” means Impart “Seito” (second photo) “Sei” means Unripe or Life “To” means Junior or People Teachers are called “Sensei” at Elementary school, middle school and high school. Students are also called “Jidou” at elementary school, and called “Gakusei” at …

“Haha” – Japanese Kanji for Mother

I wrote “Haha”. It’s written in Japanese kanji for Mother. “Haha” means Mother In Japan, Mother’s Day is Second Sunday of May. We usually give my mother carnations on Mother’s Day. What is your favorite word about family? I’m waiting for a request.

“Kodomo” – Japanese Kanji for Child and Children

I wrote “Kodomo“. It’s Japanese kanji symbols for Child and Children. “Ko” means Child “Domo” means Accompany or Submit May 5, It’s Children’s Day. The family where has a boy celebrate by putting up carp streamers. What is your favorite word about family? I’m waiting for a request.

“Tomodachi” – Japanese Kanji for friends

I wrote “Tomodachi”. It’s Japanese kanji for “friends”. “Tomo” means friend “Dachi” means reach or accomplished, or indicate that they are multiple. “Operation Tomodachi”, it’s a United States Armed Forces assistance operation to support Japan in disaster relief following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. I would like to being friends with people in the world. What is your favorite …

“Nakama” – Important word in ONE PIECE

I wrote “Nakama”. It’s Japanese Kanji for party, companion, group, colleague, fellow, comrade , confederate, etc. “Naka” means “relations” or “relationship” “Ma” means “distance” Exactly, “Nakama” means the person who does a certain things together in dictionary. I like Monkey D. Luffy and crews to use “Nakama”. Whom of “Nakama” do you like in ONE PIECE?