“Inochi” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Life, The most important things

inochiI wrote “Inochi“. It means “Life” in English.

  1. “Inochi” means Life, The most important things

“Inochi” has meaning that fundamental forces that keep a living thing alive.

If this kanji symbols is read “Mei”,  It has more meanings – Order, Instruction and Destiny.

What is your favorite word about life? I’m waiting for a request.


  1. Chris Hennig より:

    I was wondering if you could/would help me. I am looking for a kanji that would translate roughly to ‘Farmer’. Or maybe even ‘one who cultivates’ I know things get more coplex the deeper you go. “One who teaches and is still learning’. The idea of ‘Teacher and Student’ combined. Any help, suggestion, or direction will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much. 🙂


    1. admin より:

      Hi, Chris. Thanks for comment.
      ‘Farmer’ has many Japanese kanji symbols. I am unable to make a decision. You mean the person who cultivates the fields and live by one’s farm produce, don’t you? Or, do you mean the person who manage plantation? Please give me advice. Thank you.