“Utsukushii Hitobito” and “Serebu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Beautiful People

utsukushiihitobitoserebuI wrote “Utsukushii Hitobito” and “Serebu“. “Utsukushii Hitobito” means “Beautiful People”, and “Serebu” means “Wealthy Socialite” and “Celebrity” in English.

First Photo ( Utsukushii Hitobito )

  1. “Utsuku” means Beautiful or Noble
  2. “shi” is Hiragana
  3. “i” is Hiragana
  4. “Hito” means People or Person
  5. “Bito” is repetition of kanji

Second Photo ( Serebu )

  1. “Se” is Katakana
  2. “Re” is Katakana
  3. “Bu” is Katakana

“Utsukushii Hitobito” is literal translation of  “Beautiful People” and written in “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson that is on Japanese market.

But, “beautiful people” means “rich people in high society”, doesn’t it? “Rich people in high society” is “Jouryuukaikyuu no hito” in Japanese. We call them “Serebu” in Japan.

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