“Shirohige” – Whitebeard as nickname of Edward Newgate in ONE PIECE

I wrote “Shirohige”. It’s the nickname of Edward Newgate meaning “Whitebeard” in ONE PIECE. “Shiro” means White “Hige” means Beard Whitebeard create shock waves powerful enough to cause earthquakes, tsunamis. Ace is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Who is your favorite pirate in “ONE PIECE”? I’m waiting for a request.

“Akagami” – Red-Haired written in Japanese Kanji

I wrote “Akagami“. It’s the nickname of Shanks in “ONE PIECE”. It means “Red-Haired“. “Aka” of the first character means “Red”, and “Gami” of the second character means “Hair”. Japanese people have black hair. We dye the hair, make it red, make it blond, and make it brown. Usually, we call the dyed hair “Kin-Patsu” or “Cha-Patsu”. So, …