“Byakko” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for White Tiger

I wrote ‘Byakko’. It means White Tiger in English. It is one of the four gods said to rule over the four directions in China. ‘ByaKu’ means White ‘Ko’ means Tiger ‘Byakko’ preside over the west, the autumn and the street. It is shape of white tiger. Often ‘Byakko’ appears in Japanese Managa and it is used in the names …

“Sensu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Folding fan

I wrote “Sensu“. It’s Japanese kanji symbols for “Folding fan”. “Sen” means Fan “Su” is suffix in this case. In this summer, Japan must save electricity. This is because electricity shortage is concerned about under the influence of a nuclear plant accident. An electric fan is in condition to be sold out. So, I use “Sensu” and …

“TORAGARI” – Tiger Hunt as Zoro’s Special Attack in ONE PIECE

I wrote “TORAGARI“. It’s the name of Zoro’s special attack meaning “Tiger Hunt” in ONE PIECE. “Tora” means Tiger “Ga” means Hunt “Ri” is declensional kana ending Zoro’s special attack names derive from the animal, the food and Buddhist terminology. There are many rhyming games, too. What is your favorite word in “ONE PIECE”? I’m waiting for a request.

“Horou” – Hollow written in Japanese Kanji

I wrote “Horou”. It means “empty”, “vacant” and “hollow” in English. They are a hero’s enemies in BLEACH. What is your favorite word in “BLEACH”? I’m waiting for a request.