“Seiryuu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Azure Dragon

I wrote ‘Seiryuu’. It means Azure Dragon in English. It is one of the four gods said to rule over the four directions in China. ‘Sei’ means Blue, Azure or Green ‘Ryuu’ means Dragon ‘Seiryuu’ preside over the east, the spring and the river. It is shape of Chinese dragon as Shenron in Dragon Ball. Often ‘Seiryu’ appears in Japanese Managa …

“Rindou” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Gentian

I wrote “Rindou“. It means Gentian in English. “Rin” means a Dragon “Dou” means the Liver It’s special kanji readings. Rindou is one of the September birth flowers. Flower language, “Strong sense of justice”, “Accurate”, and so on. What is your favorite flower? Please let me know your favorite flower.