“Seiryuu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Azure Dragon

I wrote ‘Seiryuu’. It means Azure Dragon in English. It is one of the four gods said to rule over the four directions in China. ‘Sei’ means Blue, Azure or Green ‘Ryuu’ means Dragon ‘Seiryuu’ preside over the east, the spring and the river. It is shape of Chinese dragon as Shenron in Dragon Ball. Often ‘Seiryu’ appears in Japanese Managa …

“Ikiru” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Live

I wrote “Ikiru”. It means “Live” in English. “I” means Live “ki” is Hiragana “ru” is Hiragana The kanji symbos as “Ikiru” has many pronunciations. Each pronunciations have each meanings. The manga “Jisatsu-tou (Suicide Island)” ‘s theme is “Live”. The hero named his puppy Ikiru. What is your favorite word about life? I’m waiting for a request.

“Saitou Hajime” – The captain of the third unit of Shinsengumi

I wrote “Saitou Hajime”. He was the commander of Shinsengumi. Saitou (first kanji and second kanji) is his family name. Hajime (third kanji) is his first name. He was one of the best swordsmen of Shinsengumi and one of the few survivors of Shinsengumi. He has appeared in “Rurouni Kenshin” as a nemesis of Kenshin. Who is your favorite person …

“Reisei” – Japanese Kanji for Calmness.

I wrote “Reisei”. It’s Japanese kanji symbols for Calmness or Coolness. “Rei” means Cool, Cold or Chill “Sei” means Quiet Exactly, “Reisei” means that being to calm down without becoming emotional. What is your favorite word? Please let me know your favorite word.

“Aokiji” – Blue Pheasant as nickname of Kuzan in ONE PIECE

I wrote “Aokiji”. It’s the nickname of Kuzan ( an admiral in the Marines ) meaning “Blue Pheasant” in ONE PIECE. “Ao” means Blue “Kiji” means Pheasant In Japanese fairy tale “Momotaro”, hero Momotaro accompany a dog, a monkey, a and pheasant. The model of Aokiji is a Japanese famous actor Yusaku Matsuda. Who is your favorite pirate …

“Kyouju” and “Seito” – Japanese Kanji for Professor and Student

I wrote “Kyouju“ and “Seito“. “Kyouju” means Professor or Instruction, and “Seito” means Student. “Kyouju” (first photo) “Kyou” means Teach or Faith “Ju” means Impart “Seito” (second photo) “Sei” means Unripe or Life “To” means Junior or People Teachers are called “Sensei” at Elementary school, middle school and high school. Students are also called “Jidou” at elementary school, and called “Gakusei” at …

“Yayoi” – March written in Japanese Kanji

I wrote “Yayoi”. It means “March” in English. The meaning of the respective Kanji “Iya” means “more and more” “Oi” means “grow” “Yayoi“ is named as the month when the plants flourish more and more. What is your favorite word about calendar? I’m waiting for a request.