“Kannaduki” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for October

I wrote “Kannaduki”. It means “October” in English. “Kan” means God “Na” means Nothing, Without and so on “Duki” means Month October is said “kannaduki” in Japan. On October, All gods of Japan gather at Izumo Temple. So, All gods are away from each temples. What is your favorite word about season? I’m waiting for a request.

“Shinigami” – Japanese Kanji for God of Death

I wrote “Shinigami”. It means “God of Death”. In BLEACH, It means “Soul Reaper”. “Shini” means Death or Die “Gami” means God “Shinigami” is popular in Japanese Manga. Example… BLEACH, DEATH NOTE, Tokimeki Tonight, Hokenshitsu no Shinigami, and so on. What is your favorite word in Manga? Please let me know your favorite word.

“Hina-matsuri” – The Japanese Doll Festival for Girls

I wrote “Hina-matsuri“. It’s The Japanese Doll Festival for Girls. “Hina” means “doll” “Matsuri” means “festival” Hina-matsuri is held on March 3, it’s a seasonal festival praying for healthy growth of girls. Today, the family which has the girl decorate the doll representing the “Emperor” and “Empress”, decorate the flower of the peach, enjoy food and drink, such as sweet …