“Makibishi” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Caltrap, Ninja’s weapon

I wrote “Makibishi”. It means “Caltrap” in English. It is Ninja‘s weapon. “Maki” means Scatter “Bishi” means Diamond shape, Water chestnut or Rhombus Ninja scatter caltrap when they run away, makibisi are so thorny and injure chaser’s foot. What is your favorite word about Ninja? I’m waiting for a request.

“Shinsengumi” – Japanese Kanji for Shinsengumi

I wrote “Shinsengumi”. They were a special police force of the Late Tokugawa Shogunate. “Shin” means  New “Sen” means Compose “Gumi” means Association Hijikata, Kondou, Okita, They are very famous. We like Shinsengumi and Akou-Roushi (Forty-seven Samurai) equally, in Japan. Who is your favorite person in Shinsengumi? I’m waiting for a request.

“Kyouju” and “Seito” – Japanese Kanji for Professor and Student

I wrote “Kyouju“ and “Seito“. “Kyouju” means Professor or Instruction, and “Seito” means Student. “Kyouju” (first photo) “Kyou” means Teach or Faith “Ju” means Impart “Seito” (second photo) “Sei” means Unripe or Life “To” means Junior or People Teachers are called “Sensei” at Elementary school, middle school and high school. Students are also called “Jidou” at elementary school, and called “Gakusei” at …

“Nejibana” – The name of Kaien Shiba’s zanpakutou

I wrote “Nejibana”. It means “Spiranthes Sinensis”. “Neji” means “twist” “Hana” means “a flower” It’s the name of Kaien Shiba’s zanpakutou in BLEACH. He was the lieutenant of the 13th Division in The Gotei Thirteen. What is your favorite word in “BLEACH”? Please let me know your favorite word.

“Eternal Pose” – Important Item in ONE PIECE

I wrote “Eternal Pose”. “Eternal Pose” is one of the important items in ONE PIECE. “Ei” means “eternity” “Kyuu” means “long time” “Shi” means “finger” or “point  to” “Shin” means “needle” Exactly, this word is read as “Eikyuu-Shishin”, but it’s read as “Eternal Pose” in ONE PIECE. What your favorite word in “ONE PIECE”? I’m waiting for a request.

“Shien” – Support written in Japanese Kanji

I wrote “Shien”. It means “Support” in English. “Shi” means “branch” or “support” “En” means “help” or “assist” In this earthquake, Japan received support and prayer from around the world. We’ll do our best for the reconstruction of disaster areas. And someday we’ll repay your kindness. Thank you!!!