“Yayoi” – March written in Japanese Kanji

yayoiI wrote “Yayoi”.
It means “March” in English.

The meaning of the respective Kanji

  1. “Iya” means “more and more”
  2. “Oi” means “grow”

“Yayoi“ is named as the month when the plants flourish more and more.

What is your favorite word about calendar? I’m waiting for a request.


  1. §eraph より:

    March is my favourite! It’s my birthday today! 😀 (well, where I live it will be my birthday in 2 hours lol) I love December though…because of Christmas! 🙂

  2. §eraph より:

    I forgot to ask…do people in Japan say ‘Sangatsu’ for March more than Yayoi?

    1. admin より:

      For your question..
      Yes, we say “Sangatsu” for March usually.
      But we all know “Yayoi” means “Sangatsu”.

  3. admin より:

    Oh, Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    In Japan, Today is March 1st!!

  4. §eraph より:

    Oh, okay thanks.