“Kuroashi” – Black-Leg written in Japanese Kanji

kuroashiI wrote “Kuroashi“.
It means “Black Leg“.

  1. “Kuro” means “black”
  2. “Ashi” means “leg”

Sanji nicknamed “Black Leg” Sanji in ONE PIECE.
From using clad fire kick “Diable Jamble”, he became called as “Black Leg” Sanji.

For more information, please refer to wikipedia.
Sanji | List of One Piece characters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is your favorite word in “ONE PIECE“? I’m waiting for a request.


  1. §eraph says:

    Kokutou Yoru! That’s Mihawk’s omnipotent black sword 🙂

  2. admin says:

    “Hawk-Eye” Mihawk!! He is so cool!!
    I would like to write names of swords in ONE PIECE.

  3. §eraph says:

    lol please do, I loove Mihawk! 🙂 (Zorro is cool too)

    1. admin says:

      OK! I’d like to write “Kokutou Yoru”:)

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