“Sotsugyou” – Graduation written in Japanese Kanji

sotsugyouI wrote “Sotsugyou“.
It means “Graduation“ in English.

  1. “Sotsu” means “finish” or “complete”
  2. “Gyou” means “work”

In Japan, students enter a school in April and graduate in March.
So, we say often “Spring is a season of meeting and parting”.

What is your favorite word about school? Please let me know your favorite word.


  1. §eraph より:

    Cool…I would reaaally love to go to university in Japan! I was thinking of applying to Waseda University. Do you have any advice for me? 😀 …I like the words, kyōju and seito 🙂

  2. admin より:

    Sugoi!! Waseda is popular university in Japan. You know many Japanese word. Are you Japanese Language student? Anyway, please never give up learning Japanese Language.
    I wish your dream comes true 🙂
    And, I think that kyōju is great word, too!!