“Tanabata” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Star Festival

tanabataI wrote “Tanabata”.
It’s written in Japanese kanji for “Star Festival”.

  1. “Shichi” means Seven
  2. “Yuu” means Evening

It’s special kanji readings. Because old Japanese set up a shelf  (tana) to use for Bon festival on the evening of July 7, it seem to have been called “Tanabata” and have been written “Shichi” and “Yuu”.

“Tanabata” is the day when Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) can cross the Milky Way and meet only once a year. When it rains on this day, they can’t cross the Milky Way, and can’t meet any more. We write a wish about improvement of skills on a strip of paper and display it in a bamboo on “Tanabata”, because Orihime is good at woven stuff.

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