I played Origami.

Do you know Origami? It is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects. I played Origami, so I introduce some Origami.

Origami-TsuruOriduru (folded paper crane)
It is very popular. Often, we make thousand paper cranes for someone’s health or peace.

Origami-ShurikenShuriken (shuriken)
In my childhood, I played by Shuriken of folding paper often. Although It is made with paper, it is quite strong and hard.

Origami-KabutoKabuto (helmet)
Big helmet of folding paper with newspaper and paper sword with newspaper are required items of the sword fight of children.

Origami-YakkosanYakkosan & Hakama (the fellow and Hakama)
The upper part is the fellow, and the bottom part is Hakama (hakama is a kind of kimono for men). It looks Samurai.

Origami-HakoTsunokoubako (incense box with horns)
You can put marbles, acorns and candy in this box. If you made it with paper not to need, It becomes a little trash box.

Origami-SaruSaru no oyako (parent and child of the monkey)
It is too difficult to make for me. This time, I used Chiyogami (it is Japanese colored paper printed with beautiful patterns). Because Chiyogami was thick, I might not compromise well.

If you want to play Origami … origami club