“Tatsu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for the Dragon

tatsuI wrote “Tatsu“. It means “the Dragon” in English. It is fifth sign of Chinese zodiac.

  1. “Tatsu” means the Dragon

“Dragon” has some kanji symbols. This kanji symbol is used for year, date, time or direction.

Next year is “Tatsu-Doshi”. I provide the image file ( transparent png ) of this kanji symbol. If you send somebody a New Year’s card, please use this image.

Download page

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  1. Pam より:

    I took some calligraphy classes while I was living in Japan, and I wanted to do some dragon kanji for the New Year. Where can I find the stroke order for the kanji? Would you be able to email it to me? Thanks very much, Pam.

  2. admin より:

    Hi, Pam. Thanks for comment. If you want to know the stroke order for the kanji ‘Tatsu’, please check this web page (this page is written by Japanese). http://kakijun.main.jp/page/07171200.html
    This web site has another site written by English, but English version don’t have ‘Tatsu’.