“Genbu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Black Tortoise

I wrote ‘Genbu’. It means Black Tortoise in English. It is one of the four gods said to rule over the four directions in China. ‘Gen’ means Black or Mysterious ‘Bu’ means Warrior, Bravery or Military ‘Genbu’ preside over the north, the winter and the mountain or the hill. It is shape of the tortoise sowed the snake. Often ‘Genbu’ appears …

“Kuji-kiri” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Nine symbolic cuts

I wrote ‘Kuji-kiri’. It means Nine symbolic cuts in English. It is Japanese occult art. ‘Ku’ means Nine ‘Ji’ means Symbol or Character ‘Ki’ means Cut ‘Ri’ is Hiragana Exactly, this art is called ‘Kuji-Goshinhou’. It has two ways. The one way to make a chopping motion, it is called as ‘Kuji wo Kiru’. The another way to make symbolic signs …

“Gashou” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year ! I wrote “Gashou”. It means “A Happy New Year!” in English. “Ga” means Congratulation or Joy “Shou” is abbreviation of the New Year or January in this case. We have many New Year’s greetings. It is the easiest of them and used in New Year’s card. We don’t say “Gashou” to others, we say “Akemashite …

“Kannaduki” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for October

I wrote “Kannaduki”. It means “October” in English. “Kan” means God “Na” means Nothing, Without and so on “Duki” means Month October is said “kannaduki” in Japan. On October, All gods of Japan gather at Izumo Temple. So, All gods are away from each temples. What is your favorite word about season? I’m waiting for a request.

“Kako” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for The Past

I wrote “Kako”. It means “the past” in English. “Ka” means Exceed, Go beyond or Pass “Ko” means Gone, Past or Leave I introduce some example of speaking in Japanese about the past. ex. I was a pirate. = Watashi wa kaizoku datta. ex. I did my homework. = Watashi wa shukudai o shita. What is your favorite word? I’m waiting for a …

“Kagaku” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Science

I wrote “Kagaku”. It means “Science” in English. “Ka” means a Department or a Family “Gaku” means Learning or Studies In Japanese, Chemistry also pronounced “Kagaku”. Such words are called “Douon-Igigo”(means homophone). What kanji do you want to know? Please let me know your worrisome word.

“Sensu” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Folding fan

I wrote “Sensu“. It’s Japanese kanji symbols for “Folding fan”. “Sen” means Fan “Su” is suffix in this case. In this summer, Japan must save electricity. This is because electricity shortage is concerned about under the influence of a nuclear plant accident. An electric fan is in condition to be sold out. So, I use “Sensu” and …

“Geshi” – Japanese Kanji for Summer Solstice

I wrote “Geshi“. It means “Summer Solstice” in English. “Ge” means Summer “Shi” means Climax, Arrive, Proceed, and so on. June 22 is summer solstice in Japan. It is the rainy season, so we do not feel that summer solstice is the longest day is real. What is your favorite word about summer? Please let me know your favorite words.

“Hijikata Toshizou” – The Vice-commander of Shinsengumi

I wrote “Hijikata Toshizou”. He was the vice-commander of Shinsengumi. Hijikata is two kanji symbols in right. It’s the family name. Toshizou is two kanji symbols in left. It’s the first name. His nickname is “Oni no Fukuchou”(Demon Vice-Commander). He was handsome and cruel. Who is your favorite person in Shinsengumi? I’m waiting for a request.