“Kuji-kiri” – Japanese Kanji Symbols for Nine symbolic cuts

kuji-kiriI wrote ‘Kuji-kiri’. It means Nine symbolic cuts in English. It is Japanese occult art.

  1. ‘Ku’ means Nine
  2. ‘Ji’ means Symbol or Character
  3. ‘Ki’ means Cut
  4. ‘Ri’ is Hiragana

Exactly, this art is called ‘Kuji-Goshinhou’. It has two ways. The one way to make a chopping motion, it is called as ‘Kuji wo Kiru’. The another way to make symbolic signs with the fingers, it is called as ‘Kuji wo Musubu’. The second way is different in each denomination. It is too dangerous way for the one who don’t practice asceticism. Don’t do the second way.

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